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The Ice Cream Girls 1x01 + GCB 1x07 Reviewed

The Ice Cream Girls (2013) 1x01
ITV have adapted Dorothy Koomson’s novel. Serena returns to her hometown after 17 years. She’s never told her husband and daughter the reason she left, but now her mother is dying and she has to return to the low rent seaside resort she fled years ago. Meanwhile Poppy gets out of jail on parole and her mean stepfather hates her and her mother doesn’t really care.

Flashbacks to 1995 show how Serena had a crush on a creeper teacher who took advantage of her and of Poppy. Then someone stabbed him 11 times and Poppy was convicted of murder and Serena walked away scott free. But what really happened?

Serena is known to police, Poppy is bitter and angrily proclaims her innocence but no-one is listening so she stalks Serena and plots. This was okay. Did Serena’s lawyer mother and sister stop her from going on trial? Why was only Poppy tried? Who killed the perv teacher? Why didn’t the fact the teacher was a perv come out? Who is the beach weirdo lurking around Poppy?

Best Lines:
“He’s got to be seen to be respectable.”

“I don’t want that filth in my house.”

“I’ve served 17 years for that bitch.”

Sex Is Divine
Burl proposes to Gigi, Pastor Tudor makes an interesting sermon and Amanda continues to date the vile Luke for some reason. Zack is dim and going bust so he and Sharon come up with a new business plan. Cricket and Blake try to have sex to conceive a second child. They eventually manage to get in the mood by watching the oysters and snails scene from ‘Spartacus’.

Carlene founds a Purity group and throws the Land Of Milk And Mommies class out of the hall. Amanda tries to foil Carlene’s plan for a Heck House. Which leads to the two bonding and a revelation about Carlene’s past. This had potential but was not good.

Best Lines:
“Science is very advanced these days. If you believe in that sort of thing.”

“Why do you hate Purity?”

“Here are the little streetwalkers. It’s so sweet of you to loan them your clothes Heather.”
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