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Revenge 1x16 + Elementary 1x18 Reviewed

The Graysons set up a charitable foundation in Amanda’s name but it is all a front. Eli, Amanda’s long lost foster brother, shows up and proves he is smarter than the average Hamponite by guessing the identity swap.

The unpleasant Daniel gets in a bar fight, Jack is a snotty tantrum throwing idiot and Declan sulks. Aiden is targeted, Eli plays people, a hacker does stuff and Jack overlooks his part in the Ryan disaster. This was good.

Best Lines:
“The stripper gets a broke ass boyfriend and a one way ticket to the bottom of the Atlantic.”

“That’s a scam I run on rich dumb people.”

“I’ve already got outstanding records in three states.”

“Much more handsome than his mug shot.”

Déjà Vu All Over Again
Sherlock’s sponsor shows up, Watson keeps working with the rude vile Sherlock and two cases are looked into. Naturally the cases are connected. Watson’s friends are concerned about her. Watson ignores them. Gregson is the only cop in NY and a husband is accused. This was annoying.

Best Lines:
“Within days of my arrival the staff forbade me access to newspapers. Something about police blotters riling me.”
“No, you?”

“Tube pushers tend to be lunatics of the ranting variety.”

“You quit your job and moved out of your apartment so you could live full time with a recovering drug addict.”

“If you do wallow, I ask that you do it in the privacy of your room.”
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