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Person of Interest Season 1 Review, part 6

Many Happy Returns
Jessica’s fate is finally revealed. A waitress is in peril from her crazy US Marshal husband. Finch has an infuriating tendency to keep secrets. Reese and Finch converse in creepy monotones. Reese deals with a man who has indifference and brutal contempt towards his wife. Carter talks too much and flashbacks show what promoted Reese’s descent into alcoholic homelessness and that Finch has secrets. This was good.

Best Lines:
“They were living with the person who would eventually kill them.”

“Guys who hide who they really are until they get home.”
“What will you do Mr Reese?”
“Show him what a real monster looks like.”

“Maybe you can explain the wisdom of antagonising an entire law-enforcement agency.”

“Leave the laptop now Harold and get out.”

“Knowing isn’t always a blessing.”

“I can’t reach him or stop him.”

No Good Deed
Reese follows Finch. Carter is suspicious of Fusco. Reese asks how the Machine communicates with Finch. It seems that Finch has a contingency plan. The duo spy on an idiot man in peril who works in a NSA listening station. Flashbacks show Alicia and Nathan had secrets. Finch hasn’t been entirely honest and Reese uncovers a secret of Finch’s. This was good and twisty. What is Sibilance? Why did Finch use Nathan as a front? Where is the Machine?

Best Lines:
“Oh, I really wish you hadn’t let him do that, Mr Reese.”

“This is a mystery you do not want to solve.”

Fire Wall
A psychologist (Amy Acker of ‘Dollhouse’, ‘Angel’ and ‘Cabin in the Woods’) is in peril, an obvious hint is overlooked, Fusco wants to take down HR, Zoe shows up again, Alicia follows Finch, Donnelly tries to take down Reese and there are revelations and a twist as the first season comes to a cliff hanging end.

This was okay. Reese refers to Finch as a friend, Donnelly’s task force are idiots who think Reese is malignant, Alicia annoys, Finch shows off his hacking skills, there is a car chase, a former villain returns, people die and questions are raised over Nathan’s death. I can’t wait for season 2.
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