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Revolution 1x04 + Doctor Who 7x08 + GCB 1x06 Reviewed

The Plague Dogs
Charlie whines, Maggie has flashbacks to her children and the gang of idiots stumble across a pack of mean dogs. Monroe and his over gelled hair blathers back-story about Ben and Rachel is stoic. Miles wants to run out on Charlie, this revolution shouldn’t be televised.

Danny is blank faced and stupid, Nate pops up again, a storm blows, Miles is the king of the pig people and a clumsy explanation is given as to why people do not go to sea anymore. The mean dogs owner shows up. Captain Neville pontificates, someone is stabbed and dies, Miles is a gross thing and Charlie is useless. Duct tape still exists and Miles has a big secret regarding Rachel. This was awful.

Cold War
A Russian submarine, the Doctor, Clara and an angry Ice Warrior collide at the North Pole in 1983. The Ice Warrior shouts and over menaces, Clara is flippant, the Doctor yells, the Ice Warrior has a silly CGI face and David Warner, Liam Cunningham and Tobias Menzies are wasted in their roles. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“I thought I found a mammoth.”
“It’s not a mammoth.”

“It’s a big green man from Mars.”

“Songs of the Red Snow.”

“I could kiss you.”
“If you insist.”

“My people live.”

“Hostile Action Displacement System.”

Turn The Other Cheek
Carlene and Ripp are renewing their vows for the 17th time with a ‘Gone With The Wind’ theme. Sharon wants to be chief bridesmaid but Amanda is made chief bridesmaid instead. So Sharon embarks on a plan of sabotage. Meanwhile Blake wants another baby whilst Cricket just wants to bust the chambermaids union.

Heather crawls back to her horrid ‘friends’, Luke is a jerk, Carlene gets shot on a hunting trip and there is an OTT wedding. As ever I wonder why Amanda puts up with these thankless people. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“The burning of Atlanta barbeque reception.”

“All you have to do is read the vows. I’ll provide your horse and the Confederate uniform.”

“Blake wants to up end my agenda.”
“Ripp likes to do that sometimes. Takes some getting used to.”

“Buffet of death.”

“It was in Carlene’s freezer for the last 17 years in an empty box that was supposed to have the top tier of her wedding cake.”
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