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Person Of Interest Season 1 Review, part 5

Flesh and Blood
Elias the rubbish gangster embarks on an ambitious plan to take down the heads of the Five Families and avenge himself on his father and half brother. Lola Glaudini of ’Persons Unknown’ shows up for one scene.

Finch and Reese have to foil Elias and HR and get Carter back on their side. Fusco is ordered around by HR, Elias plans to be king of New York and flashbacks show how Elias was shaped into what he is. This was good as the plot thickens some more.

Best Lines:
“We could let the trash take out the trash.”

“I’m often misunderstood.”

“Elias’ payroll reads like a who’s who of the U.S penal system.”

“You got some weird friends Carter.”

“You’re in bed with the devil.”

“Don’s already got one idiot kid. Guess he didn’t need another one.”

Matsya Nyaya
Flashbacks to 2010 show Reese obsessing over Jessica, the end of his CIA career and a big revelation concerning the Machine. In the present Reese tries to foil an armoured car thief.

There is a bad CGI van, a twist, Snow returns to menace Carter, someone turns out not to be dead and people come to bad ends. This was good, the plot thickens even more.

Best Lines:
He’s chasing down street money with a baseball bat.”

“And you just gave them a beacon.”

“Did we actually accomplish anything here?”
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