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GCB 1x05 + Revolution 1x03 + The Stone Tape + Arrow 1x19 Reviewed

Forbidden Fruit
Cricket over sings Amazing Grace at Bitsy’s funeral. Carlene and Cricket bully Hannah. Burl and Gigi hook up. Carlene’s younger brother Luke smarms at Amanda. Zack is awful to Sharon and orders her to stay at home. Sharon and Zack’s yob son shows up. Carlene and Cricket bully Amanda. Why does she let the moronic and vacant housewives away with it? Luke is foul, Andrew dumps Heather, Gigi fears people will start talking about her and Sheryl Crow guest stars. This was not good.

Best Lines:
“Relax. Just grieve.”

“I think that wet thing’s a pool.”

No Quarter
Miles is a jackass as flashbacks show how Miles and Monroe went AWOL and how it is Miles fault that Monroe became a warlord. Miles is a boorish and bitter sad old bag. People die easy and a gang of idiots are menaced by a militia member (Mark Pellegrino of ’Lost’ and ’Supernatural’).

Miles uses the cover names Stu Redman and Frannie for himself and Charlie. Ha! A shout out to ’The Stand’! Miles annoys, Aaron and his pristine glasses blubbers, Danny is harassed and Charlie is a jerk.

Charlie is shocked to learn that Miles founded the Monroe Republic with Sebastian Monroe. More flashbacks to Miles and Monroe show how Miles was the dominant one. Miles has an elevated opinion of himself and has no regrets about his war crimes or making his BFF into a crazy warlord. Maggie waves around her product placed iphone. Where is Grace? What is the pendant? This was not good, Miles is a vile person.

Best Lines:
“Medieval cesspool.”

“We are going to Shawshank our asses out of here.”

“I don’t understand how things could fall apart so fast.”

“They would take our crops and our women.”

“Christ forgives. I’m not Christ.”

“You guys remember ’One Life To Live’?”

The Stone Tape (1972)
This is a classic BBC ghost story. I fail to see why, it was awful. Racist and sexist scientists eager to discover a new recording medium head to an old mansion to work. The gurning morons in flares and ugly shirts disturb something ancient and malevolent beneath the walls. The sole woman Jill (Jane Asher) has an affair with her married boss, gurns, falls over a lot, is patronised and ignored. There is muttering about a dead maid, exorcisms and a strange untouched room. The scientists decide to analyse the ghost. A yokel gurns, there is screaming and dated technology. Jill acts like a pathetic weepy child and this was unscary and I like it not. There is strobe lighting, ugly clothes, yelling, general incoherence, menacing lights and this was dire.

Best Lines:
“The foundations might be Saxon.”

“The ghost laying didn’t take.”

“It patters its feet and screeches.”

“Could there be anything there that knows?”

“It’s in the computer!!!”

“He’s wiped the tape!!!”

“Much older impressions underneath, much deeper.”
“How far are you trying to go back?”
“A very long way.”

“Some deep level record. Much older. So old and shapeless.”

Unfinished Business
Quentin, the only cop in Starling City, investigates the return of Vertigo to the streets. The Count (Seth Gabel) overacts. Tommy Merlyn gets angry with Oliver and stomps home to his billionaire daddy. Tommy’s going dark side.

There is Windows 8 product placement, Laurel and her frozen face bores, Oliver shouts and the frightful bastard of the week is brought down. This was okay with arrow overkill and Tommy Merlyn sulking.

Best Lines:
“I try not to hire any drug dealers.”

“My father wanted a son.”
“He got one.”

“Imagine what I now think of you.”
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