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There will be a ‘GI Joe 3’? Wow and I haven’t seen ‘GI Joe 2’ yet.

‘True Blood’ season 6 teaser:

‘Pain and Gain’ TV spot
What is this?

‘Under The Dome’ trailer

‘Cult’ 1x07 trailer

Best Line:
“How sick are you?”

‘Lost’ 2x14 promo
This vintage promo showcases when the show changed. The voiceover guy solemnly intones: “A stranger is captured”. Dude, you have no idea.

‘Ugly Betty’ Quotes:
“Slap a hottie on the cover. Throw in some articles on fast cars, videogames and guns.”

“Off the floor Marc. No, your instincts were right. Fall again.”

So it seems ‘Revolution’ isn’t based on the S.M. Stirling ‘Emberverse’ novels. It’s just incredibly similar.
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