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Movie Reviews: Black Death + A Man For All Seasons

Black Death (2010)
It is 1348 and the Black Death has reached England. The land is devastated the plague but there are rumours that a village has escaped the disease through necromancy. So a knight named Ulric (Sean Bean), his gang, their torture wagon and a naïve monk named Osmond (Eddie Redmayne) head off to find the village and a witch.

Osmund has his own reasons for going with them. He plans to slip away and run off with his girlfriend Averill. But plans go awry the further they venture into Dentwich Forest and the Great Marsh. They encounter flagellants, witch burners and then they reach the pretty plague free village and things get really ugly. This is grim and dark and good. Plus it had a cameo by David Warner.

Best Lines:
“The fumes of the dead hung in the air like poison.”

“The Bishop seeks to roast himself a necromancer.”

“Where does the church believe this pestilence has come from?”
“I don’t believe God is punishing us, like many do.”
"I say from France, where all foul things emerge.”

“No corpse filled pits. No burning bodies.”

“Die well my friend.”
“Oh I will.”

“I do not fear you, or your pagan lapdog.”
“You finished?”

“How may of you are left?”

A Man For All Seasons (1966)
Thomas More objects to Henry VIII divorcing Catherine of Aragon. He is warned not to by fat Wolsey and the lurking Cromwell. But More maintains his horrible moral squint. The barren as a brick Catherine does not appear, Anne Boleyn shows up but does not speak and Henry VIII shows up just to tantrum.

Orson Welles and John Hurt shows up. Big events take place off screen, Norfolk lurks and More is arrogant and likes to pontificate. His daughter Margaret shows up to make speeches. More ends up in the Tower and on trial and is still irritating and pontificating right until the end. This was okay but bitty.

Best Lines:
“That thing out there. At least she’s fertile.”
“She’s not his wife.”

“I have no Queen!”

“You threaten like a dockside bully.”
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