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Book Reviews: Atomic Lobster + We Think Therefore We Are

Atomic Lobster by Tim Dorsey

The 10th novel in the Serge A. Storms series. Serge is a vigilante serial killer, who like 'Dexter' only kills bad people. He does however like to kill people in a manner even the 'Saw' movies would find OTT. Anyway Serge and his sidekick Coleman end up on Lobster Lane where they come face to face with a family they encountered in the earlier novel 'Triggerfish Twist'.

Anyway this a typical Serge adventure with mad cap comedy and a chaotic plot involving real estate, parties, smugglers, angry pensioners and a cruise from hell. If you liked the previous Sege books, you'll love this.

We Think Therefore We Are edited by Peter Crowther

An anthology collection about the nature of artificial intelligence. This was a very good collection.

The tip top stories are:

Tempest 43
In a bleak future, two people visit a weather satellite to find out why a hurricane was let wreak havoc. There they encounter an exiled man, his 'daughter' and an AI with bad intentions. This was very good and sad.

The Highway Code
A huge robot super truck lives for its work and the principles of the Highway Code. But there comes a day when the Highway Code must be broken. This was good.

Salvage Rites
A long lost missionary spaceship returns only for the salvagers to regret they found it. This was a deeply creepy story and somewhat reminiscent of the movie 'Event Horizon'.

The Kamikaze Code
A nicely freaky story about what might be lurking on your PC. This was okay.

A tale of a man, a woman and an AI. There were three people in their relationship. This was okay.

Lost Places of the Earth
A tour through a future map room. This was good.

Three Princesses
In a bleak future, there are still Disney Princesses. They're just, different. This was very good.

That Laugh
A man has to interview someone or something. Nicely freaky. This was okay.

Alles in Ordung
A reporter gets a phone call from a man who has seen something bizarre going on at a farm. This was very creepy with a nice ending. This was very good.
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