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Angel & Faith Issue 20 + The Green Hornet Issue 1 Reviewed

Spike and Faith
Spike inflicts himself on us. Then he and Faith fight Enders looking for a way to save Giles and Angel. Faith doesn’t explain where Robin Wood is. Spike whines about Buffy. The plot to resurrect Giles goes on. Why? This was good despite the reappearance of yet another awful character at the end.

Best Lines:
“I’ll keep him away from wood and sunlight.”

“The semantics won’t matter if the Angelus persona becomes dominant. We’ll all be too busy dying.”

“No one’s seen that since the Ley Line War of ‘78.”

“You shagged Xander!”

“I have oh, so many feelings.”

The Sting
This is the follow up ‘The Green Hornet: Year One’ saga. It is 1941 and Britt Reid’s day job as the ‘Citizen Kane’ like editor of the Daily Sentinel and his night job as the world’s first super criminal is having a detrimental effect on his personality.

The Hornet and his trusted sidekick plan to clean up the mob. But their secret vigilante activities are sewing the seeds of doom to come. There is a mention of The Shadow, Mike Axford fumes, Casey bends over things and there is lots and lots of ominous foreshadowing. This was excellent.

Best Lines:
“I strongly advise you to lower your weapon and back away before you regret this.”

“Make yourself at home, Mr Hornet. And that goes for you, too. What is your name?”

“I’ve convinced the underworld that the Hornet is one of them. Through years of careful playing-acting --by being in the right places, staging the right sins.”

“You got the scoop, didn’t you? And the photo. And the mobster’s I.D.!”
“An’ the back spasms from hidin’ in the church toilet ‘til the gorilla quit chasin’ me. An’ the dog bite I got retrievin' me camera.”

“Are you gonna whine like a baby, or threaten him, like a man should?”
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