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Numb3rs Season 4 Episode 9 review


A comic book convention erupts into an outbreak of murder, theft and attempted fraud. The world’s most valuable comic book is stolen from its obnoxious owner (Wil Wheaton, you may remember him from ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ and ‘Toy Soldiers’) and well known comic creator Seth is a bit too eager to help the FBI out.

Charlie unravels Seth’s nefarious scheme. Don is in peril. There is much background humour with the goings on at the con, which never seems to end. In the end the day is saved, Seth is foiled and a famous comic artist draws Charlie and Don as they strike a pose. A pose that Charlie calls their ‘Tango & Cash’ look.

This was very good and after so long, we get some brotherly concern from Charlie as he berates Seth with: “Your friend from prison almost shot my brother.” About time.
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