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Trailers & Quotes

‘Doctor Who’ promo: ‘The Bells of Saint John

‘World War Z’ trailer
Brad Pitts vs worldwide zombie horde. It looks great plus zombies on a plane!

Best Lines:
“Daddy, what’s martial law?”

“Life as we know it will come to an end in 90 days.”

“Moscow is still dark.”

“Is there anything left out there?”

‘Cult’ 1x06 promo

‘Arrow’ 1x19 promo

Best Line:
“They don’t show my restraint.”

‘The Incredible Burt Wonderstone’ promo
Hee, take that David Blaine!

A review of ‘Drinking Midnight Wine’ is forthcoming.

There will be no review of ‘The Weight Of The Worlds’.

A new ‘Saint-Germain’ novel in 2014? Yay!

There will be no review of ‘Lightfields’ 1x05. Here is the summary though: Lucy’s ghost was benevolent after all (boo) and Tom started the barn fire. The end. Yawn.

There are two upcoming novels in the ‘Ring of Fire’ series: ‘The Devil’s Opera’ and ‘Seas of Fortune’. We’ll see, I’m wavering on dropping the series.

‘Cuckoo’ 1x04 Quotes:
“Your old dad is going to wet himself. Oh not like that time, in a good way.”

“You have three science A Levels. In science.”

“Consider it leaved.”
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