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Book Reviews: Stargate Atlantis The Official Companion Season 1 + SlashBack + Passing Fancy

Stargate Atlantis The Official Companion Season 1 by Sharon Gosling
This puff piece is from 2005 promoting the TV show that started out promising and turned to crap.

SlashBack by Rob Thurman
The 6th ’Cal Leandros’ novel is a disappointment with an annoying stream of consciousness writing style. Cal and Niko take on Spring Heeled Jack. There are also flashbacks to their past that retcon some events. This tome shows up Thurman’s flawed writing style in full: leaden plotting, padding, cutesy talk and plot recycling.

Best Lines:
“Nik, the pervert wants to talk to you.”

“There was only so much whiskey you could shoplift before the local liquor store owners became suspicious.”

Alien Nation 6: Passing Fancy by David Spencer
From 1994, an actress named Fran Delaney has a secret. A drug known as Stabilite is used by an underground Newcomer community. Matt and George investigate. This is over explained with bizarre character riffs, unending flashbacks and overdone subplots for Susan and Emily. George pontificates, Buck is endlessly troubled, Cathy helps the thankless Fran and moral messages are hammered home. This was not good.
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