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Arrow 1x17 Reviewed

The Huntress Returns
Helena hangs out in the strip club Alley Cats before heading to Star City to stalk Oliver. Tommy and Oliver’s nightclub is open for business. Quentin Lance is flustered and is not his usual stroked out angry self. Sarah may indeed still be alive. Thea and the frozen faced Roy Harper hang out.

Tommy Merlyn sulks and disses Oliver. Flashbacks to the island showed Ollie looking like he had headlice and becoming a bad ass. In Star City, Roy Harper is a jerkass and Laurel is self obsessed.

Helena is arrested, Quentin coins the name Huntress, Oliver busts Helena out and gives her yet another chance. She responds in typical psychopath fashion. Felicity is menaced, Helena kills people and how does she reload that crossbow? Helena shows off her skills and is a fascinating villain. This was good.

Best Lines:
“You’re bleeding!”
“Yeah you know, that’s what happens when you get stabbed.”

“They will kill you very slowly.”
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