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Criminal Minds 8x08 + GCB 1x03 + Our Girl Reviewed

The Wheels on the Bus
A bus full of students are hijacked by two computer game addicted nutters. Jeanne Tripplehorn is now in the BAU but doesn’t do much. The nutters put shock collars on the students and force them to play a game. Hotch has the emotional range of a plank. Nicholas Brendon of ’Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ guest stars. Penelope dresses like a maniac pixie dream girl. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“What? It’s only blood.”

“I guess I won.”

“I don’t drink Scotch.”
“You’ll learn.”

Love Is Patient
Ripp is angry, Sharon’s marriage is endangered and Cricket is horny. Carlene tries to entice Ripp into some role-play as Adam and Eve while she wields a toy snake. Ripp demurs. Sharon calls a chilli hotline whilst Amanda and Heather experience the joys of Onward Christian Singles. Cricket and Carlene have a quarrel, Zack is a horrible person, Blake is selfish, the GCB’s bully and Ripp jumps to a wrong conclusion. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“If you’re awake, you’re in the mood.”

“This doesn’t concern the unmarried.”

“Fur? For the homeless?”
“It gets chilly under those overpasses.”

“Biblical marital guides? He found ‘Parting The Red Sea’ particularly unsettling.”

“You can’t make Ripp’s steeple stand up.”

Our Girl (2013)
This BBC1 drama stars Lacey Turner (of ‘Switch’, ‘Being Human’, ‘Bedlam’ and ‘Eastenders’) as Molly. She’s an 18 year old gobby chav with no future. After a birthday from hell, Molly ends up joining the army to escape her dysfunctional life. Molly is shouted at, trained by the tasty Corporal Gedding (Matthew McNulty) and becomes a combat medical technician. She becomes a better person and escapes her love rat boyfriend and welfare scrounger father. This was okay in parts.

Best Lines:
“A simple yes sir will suffice. We’re not American. Yet.”

“Once upon a time I’d have knocked your teeth down your throat. But why should I make you better looking?”
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