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Trailers & a 1996 tape tale

‘The Following’ 1x10 promo
This looks good..

Best Lines:
“How does a cult of killers stay hidden this long?”

‘Bones’ 8x12 promo

‘Pacific Rim’ trailer
Lovecraftian monsters from under the sea vs. mecha. WTF is this crap?

Best Lines:
“Let’s go fishing.”

“Today we are cancelling the apocalypse.”

‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ trailer
Where are the aliens? John Harrison is a top agent? Of what? Section 31? Peter Weller! Why is John Harrison so angry? Why is the blonde woman in her underpants? Oh I’m so there.

Best Lines:
“Starfleet is not about vendetta Kirk.”
“Maybe it should be. Sir.”

“We will not fit.”

“I will walk over your cold corpses.”

‘Black Death’ (2010) trailer
It is 1348 and soldiers and a monk encounter necromancy and death. Sean Bean stars and it looks good.

I may review ‘Labyrinth’ and ‘The Disappearance of Alice Creed’.

I’ve decided to take a break from ‘Hollyoaks’ for a while. Mostly due to the idiot plots, Ste being a tool and spoilers that I do not care about. Ste wallows in self pity. Cheryl and Brendan are gone from the opening credits. Dr Paul aka the poor man’s Andrew Scott is now in the villain slot at the end of the opening credits formerly occupied by Warren Fox and Brendan Brady. Amy and the kids leave after Amy tells Ste to man up.

Ste is selfish and vile to Doug. Ste still has not apologised for his treatment of Doug. Patrick manipulates. Frankie hides anything that Esther could use to kill herself as Esther returns home. Nancy is a pill addict, no one notices. Ste is an awful person and Darren throws Ste out of the pub. Ste shags George. Mercedes has vanished, I do not care.

Ste is vile to George and shoves him and Doug around. Why does Doug spend his days taking crap from Ste and trying to stop him kicking off? Ste is vile to Doug some more. Frankie screams at Esther. Jim has had it with Carmel. George calls Ste a tool. And with that I’m taking a break from this show.

Best Lines:
“You went from me to Doug to Brendan.”

“You knew what Brendan was like so don’t go playing the victim okay.”

“The knives are in our room. Under the bed.”

“Grow up Ste. You’re not Brendan Brady and you never will be.”
“You’ll regret that Osborne!”

“Will you forgive me?”
“Don’t I always?”

“Which daytime talk show did you pick that up from?”

“She head butted me!”

“Why are you being so horrible?”

“You let me do that to you!”

“Get in there!”

“I wanted my first time to be special. What was I thinking going with you?”
“First time? You’re a virgin?”
“Well, not anymore.”

Cleared out a tape from 1996. It had the 1992 ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ movie on it. Which was silly and showed off Joss Whedon’s idea of feminism in the scene where a teacher slams Hilary Swank’s head against a wall and it’s played for laughs.

Best Lines:
“If any of them come in here, it’s going to turn into a total stain.”
“You say it like it’s a bad thing.”

Then came an ‘American Gothic’ ep ‘The Beast Within’. Ben’s brother Artie (Jeff Perry of ‘Wild Things’ and ‘Nash Bridges’) is disturbed and shows up to create a hostage situation in Trinity. It seems Lucas Buck caused the situation to make Ben feel better about himself. Matt, Caleb and Gail are useless. There is a bomb and Ben freaks out at the thought of his brother taking Lucas hostage. Sadly this was dull.

Best Lines:
“Ben, who is this person?”

“Was he the middle child?”

“Great negotiating technique. Your boss teach you that?”

“Before they locked me in the nuthouse, I was a munitions man.”

“I care about them.”
“Since when?”

Then there was an ‘X Files’ ep ‘Apocrypha’ in which Krycek is possessed by a black oil alien, people mutter at each other, Skinner has a tube up his nose and this was ridiculous. Smoking Man has Krycek and a UFO entombed in a missile silo. Which was neat but is undercut by the fact he later got out. This had bad acting and I don’t care.

‘Black Death’ (2010) Quote:
“I heard stories. Dark stories.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quotes:
“How did you ever get a woman like mom to stay with you?”
“Look in the mirror unplanned miracle.”

“She got to drink milk as a kid instead of white paint.”

“If any girl tries to fix you, let em.”

“You squeal like a piggy for the hillbilly.”

“We have stairs?”

“Sometimes a mysterious and invisible being from hell waits for a family to go to sleep, then kills them. Now go to bed.”

“I can’t wait for today’s massacre.”

‘Revenge’ Quotes:
“I have to assume that you’re reading that rag at that decibel for my benefit.”

“Don’t you know that politicians tend to keep their concubines in the closet?”
“Spoken like a woman that no-one’s sleeping with.”
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