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Book Reviews: The Mad Scientist’s Guide to World Domination part 1 + Extreme Prejudice

The Mad Scientist’s Guide to World Domination edited by John Joseph Adams, part 1

From the editor of ‘By Blood We Live’, ‘The Living Dead 2’, ‘Wastelands’, ‘Brave New Worlds’ and ‘The Improbable Adventures of Sherlock Holmes’ comes this anthology about these infamous super villains.

Professor Incognito Apologizes: An Itemized List
This Austin Grossman tale is about a super villain who lived behind the facade of a mild mannered professor. But now he reveals the truth to his girlfriend. This is okay.

Best Line:
“He honestly thinks living alone and playing drunk chess on the internet makes him a tragic hero.”

Father of the Groom
An unfunny tale of a mad scientist vs his bridezilla future daughter in law.

Laughter At the Academy
In a world where mad scientists are a recognised psychiatric disorder, someone is pushing sane scientists ever closer to the edge. Okay.

Letter to The Editor
He is a superhero’s arch nemesis. Or is he? Good.

Instead of a Loving Heart
An okay tale of how a mad scientist, his daughter and one of his creations have a complicated relationship.

Best Line:
“We do not even have rabid yetis to protect the compound.”

The Executor
A man tries to claim the family fortune. Not good.

The Angel Of Death Has A Business Plan
She’s a life coach for would be super villains and is very, very good at her job. This is a great story.

Best Lines:
“I need to keep up with his latest crime-fighting techniques.”
“No, you don’t. You need to shoot him in the face.”

“So rampage toward Concord and 87th.”

“The unholy confidence to enforce his vision of morality while wearing his underwear on the outside.”

Homo Perfectus
A man has a disturbing vision for the future. This wasn’t good.

Ancient Equations
A nutter wants to change the world. This was okay.

Rural Singularity
Suzie the farmer’s daughter is a mad scientist at 17. This is very good.

Captain Justice Saves The Day
Brenda is a PA to a super villain. An unappreciated PA. This was good.

The Mad Scientist’s Daughter
The daughters of infamous mad scientists form a club. This was excellent.

The Space Between
This is a novella about the Comte St Germain (not the Yarbro version), a psychic nun, a widower and magic in 1778 Paris. This was good.

Harry and Marlowe Meet The Founder Of The Aetherian Revolution
This mediocre Carrie Vaughn tale is a cliché filled piece of Victorian steampunk with not an original idea in it.

Blood & Stardust
This Laird Barron tale is about a descendant of Frankenstein and his henchfolk. It’s very good.

Best Line:
“We’re like an evil alternate universe version of the Amish.”

A More Perfect Union
A political scientist remakes countries. This was okay.

Rocks Fall
A hero and a villain chat. This was okay.

We Interrupt This Broadcast
Scientists try to save the world in this dull tale.

Alien Nation 7: Extreme Prejudice by L.A. Graf
From 1995 comes this tale of how Matt, George, Cathy and Susan go to Pittsburgh for a symposium. Cue a murder mystery, a monster and a baddie named Ross Vegas. This was a melodramatic boring mess. It is dated and lacked subtlety. Sadly the majority of the ‘Alien Nation’ novels: ‘The Day of Descent’, ‘Dark Horizon’, ‘Slag Like Me’, ‘Cross of Blood’ and this offering weren’t good.
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