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Elementary 1x14 + Revenge 2x12 + Law and Order: Special Victims Unit 14x16 Reviewed

The Deductionist
Holmes hangs out with hos and chases an escaped serial killer with a profiler (Kari Matchett of ‘Invasion’ and ‘Covert Affairs’). Watson has apartment issues and faces eviction. Holmes lets rip on the profiler. Is it a slam on ‘Criminal Minds’? The profiler and Holmes have a past and she predicted his heroin addiction. The profiler falsely accused the serial killer’s father of molesting him. Holmes worries that he will one day destroy himself, the serial killer wants vengeance and there is a twist. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“They call him The Peeler.”
“Why is it ridiculous? Didn’t he skin people?”

“Serial murderers. They’re duller than the Queen’s jubilee.”

“It’s bad in there.”

“A snake oil salesman who casts maladjusted closet cases as criminal geniuses in the media.”

“You haven’t asked why I’m lying on the table.”

“I really did want to make a movie about child soldiers in the Sudan.”
“But, what, a bunch of porn actors broke in here and forced you to film them instead?”

“I’m in a hurry, shall I select your undergarments as well?”

Aiden is the Riley Finn of this show. Aiden’s sister is alive and he is going to the bad or something. I do not care. Jack and Amanda ask Conrad for help. Jack is dim. The Initiative are planning something involving a disaster relief firm and a computer code of Nolan’s known as Carrion.

Charlotte sulks, Daniel sulks and why am I supposed to care about them? Or Jack, the Ryan brothers, Aiden or Jason. Victoria has yet another love slave, Aiden gets a big gun, Kenny’s brother wants to turn the waterfront into a casino, Nolan fawns over Padma and the revenge seems to have vanished. Aiden rants and Conrad plots. This was dreadful.

Best Line:
“Your company’s rather dubious reputation doesn’t offer much comfort.”

Funny Valentine
Micha, an up and coming singer, is beaten by her thug superstar boyfriend Caleb. The SVU try to get her to testify against him. Olivia gets on her moral high horse and Danny Pino of ‘Cold Case’ and Kelli Giddish of ‘Chase’ lurk to add to the chorus of disapproval.

Caleb has a history of going off, Perez Hilton makes unhelpful online comments, Dave Navarro plays a sound engineer, Saul Rubinek of ‘Warehouse 13’ is one of Micha’s entourage and Caleb looks to be getting away with it. Micha gets back together with Caleb who talks about her in a disrespectful manner. Micha’s mentor/producer tries to stop their reunion and gets shot. Micha still covers for Caleb and things get worse. This was good  and very ripped from the headlines.

Best Lines:
“She shouldn’t have dissed him.”

“You had to do this to Caleb?”
“He did this to himself. And to you.”
“Not according to my Twitter feed.”

“You are not safe.”

“According to him, he’s not here.”

“That’s not love, that’s brainwashing.”

“We wait.”
“For what?”
“The inevitable.”
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