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Stargate Atlantis finale review

Enemy at the Gate

Poor SGA, unceremoniously cancelled to make way for the upcoming ‘Stargate: Universe’. Anyway a Hive ship is enroute to Earth so the SGA team have to stop it. So cameos are crammed in, the writers still seem unable to recognise that other characters besides McKay exist and then is a blatant set-up moment for ‘Stargate: Universe’.

Kavanagh returns, Ronon and Carter sport terrible wigs, Becket shows up, Sheppard’s ATA gene is mentioned for the first time in years, there is a fake-out death scene and the city is flown to Earth to blow up the Hive ship. The show ends with Atlantis floating over San Francisco bay. Only Ronon wonders if the Earth PTB will ever let Atlantis return to Pegasus, there’s no mention of where Teyla’s baby is and no-one seems too concerned about the inhabitants of the Pegasus galaxy.

This was a good episode but that was the end? Atlantis on Earth!?! So much is left to tell. Season 1 Atlantis started out so well, they were cut off and there were new enemies and then TPTB wrecked it by turning the show into SG1 lite with Replicators, Asgard and the plot abomination that was Michael.
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