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Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 9 Issue 19 + Ghost Issue 4 Reviewed

Welcome To The Team, part four
Billy whines, Buffy is selfish, lazy, not very bright and never thinks. Another big bad is revealed and there seems to be a big bad team up going on. Xander rants about being sick of having to take whatever hell Buffy rains down. This was a placeholder issue as season 9 continues to tread water.

In The Smoke and Din part 4
There will be more issues of ’Ghost’. Yay, I think. Vaughn is possessed, the Ghost recalls how she was made into what she is, the Mayor creeps, Caroline bores and Dr Linda is weird. This was okay if a bit bitty and confusing. There is a sequel hook, I'll check it out. I did like this.

Best Lines:
“Where’s my box, bitch?”

“Run! Run! You mewling sheep!”
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