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Movie Review: The Tall Man

The Tall Man (2012)
Cold Rock is a dead end town where children are vanishing. Julia (Jessica Biel) is the trusted local nurse, Tracy (Samantha Ferris of ‘Supernatural') is a trailer trash mom, the local Sheriff (William B. Davis of ‘The X Files’ and ‘Continuum’) knows something and an investigator named Dodd (Stephen McHattie) lurks.

The Tall Man is blamed for stealing the children. But he isn’t supernatural, there is nothing remotely supernatural going on. There is a twist in the tale, a lynch mob forms, another twist takes place and then another. This was rubbish even if Garwin Sanford had a cameo. This should have been better.

Best Lines:
“Something had come to Cold Rock, something bad.”

“One of them is dead and the other will never again see the light of day.”
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