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A trailer & some quotes

Doctor Who’ trailer
I like.

I am reading ‘Girl of Nightmares’.

‘Crusader’s Torch’ Quotes:
“You may be sure that if she attempts to return with her penance incomplete, she will learn more than she wishes to know of those torments.”

“She will face worse than my wrath if she is reckless enough to return to France.”

National Treasure’ Quotes:
“How are you?”
“Um, chained to a desk.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’, Ste has yet again returned to his abuser and chosen him over his kids. Nate takes Cheryl back for some reason. Ste tells Brendan to kill Walker and so Brendan kicks Walker under a train. Brendan is his usual cocky unapologetic self and Ste is spineless and seems too willing to accept Brendan battering him. Ste is thick.
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