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GCB 1x02 Review

Hell Hath No Fury
Carlene worries about her standing in the community now Amanda has outed her as the owner of a titty bar. Carlene sings a long solo in church. Amanda worries about her daughter having to survive in the toxic school environment of hot popular girls and bullied outcasts she created.

The GCB gang sabotage Amanda some more. Cricket and her gay husband Blake have issues. Amanda shops at Armadillo-mart to the horror of her mother. Zack and Sharon have issues. Ripp and Carlene are awful people. This was not good and the ending was sap overload.

Best Lines:
“Mother do you remember 18 years ago when I ran screaming out of town because you were trying to control me like a mother from some Tennessee Williams play?”

“Nobody told me no and that’s why I was so awful.”

“Cleavage helps your cross hang straight.”
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