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Lightfields 1x03 Reviewed

1944, Lucy’s father acts suspiciously. Eve stirs the pot. Was there some sort of ‘Bouquet of Barbed Wire’ style creepiness going on in the Felwood family? Tom lurks. Harry confronts Dwight. Mrs Felwood makes a witch’s bottle to make Lucy stay in her grave. Harry uncovers an unpleasant side to Eve and Eve worries.

1975, Cindy the chav harasses Clare. Why did the Felwood’s not own the farm at this time but do again in 2012? Clare hears strange noises. Vivian gulps pills. Lucy’s ghost lurks like a bad smell. Tom does not want to talk about Lucy and Clare reveals that her aunty Eve died in 1974. Vivian acts bipolar and gets strange messages on her typewriter.

2012, Luke starts a fire. Paul annoys, a photo of Vivian is found and the Felwood’s learn that Clare wrote a book about her stay at Lightfields entitled ‘Fields of Light’. So what became of Vivian? The witch’s bottle is found. Pip makes unhelpful pronouncements and reveals he was a fireman. Paul sends a social worker to Lightfields. So the Felwood’s retaliate. Paul is an utter prat.

This was okay. Why is Eve going all ‘Single White Female’ on the Felwood clan? What did Lucy’s parents know? What became of Vivian? Who started the fire?

Best Lines:
“Fields of Light. Lightfields.”
“You should work for the government cracking codes.”

“That’s a lot of wondering.”
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