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Trailers & Quotes

‘Arrow’ promo
Guns, the Count, the Dark Archer is after Moira, Roy Harper and Huntress tells Quentin Lance who the Hood is. This looks good.

Best Line:
“I think it’s past time you left this island.”

‘In The Flesh’ promo
BBC3’s new drama about zombies looks interesting. It has to be better than ‘The Fades’.

‘The Following’ 1x09 promo
Crazy people.

‘Cult’ 1x02 promo
Crazy TV show fans do stuff.

‘Cult’ 1x03 promo

‘Cult’ 1x04 promo
Do I detect borrowings from ‘Lost’?

I am reading ‘The Iron Wyrm Affair’.

A ‘Veronica Mars’ movie funded by Kickstarter? Oh come on.

There will be a series 4 of ‘Sherlock’. Yay!

‘Mean Girls’ Quote:
“And on the Third Day, God created the Remington bolt-action rifle, so that Man could fight the dinosaurs and the homosexuals.”

‘The Iron Wyrm Affair’ Quotes:
“Murky secret societies were, in her opinion, only to be infiltrated.”

“When she judged she had perhaps expressed her seriousness in terms he could comprehend, she fractionally loosened her hold once again.”

“You wander out into Londinium and find yourself a knife to fall on.”

“Emotion. Cease this.”

‘Cuckoo’ 1x02 Quotes:
“He’s dead against war. And famine.”

“I’ll spread my message of joy, togetherness and war against the state.”

“Those Nazi books are a symbol of all that is decent and positive in our lives.”

“You smell like Ricky Martin.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’, Brendan shouts and acts like a nutter. Nothing new there. Brendan screams like a crazy man at Kevin. When Brendan debuted, TPTB bigged him up as the worst villain ever yet they’ve turned him into this pathetic loser who is never at fault for all the abuse he dishes out. Just go away already Brendan.

Cheryl is self involved and ruins things with Nate just after their engagement party. The Hollyoaks pond gets polluted some more. Brendan gives Ste another beating. The blood covered Ste runs away from his crazy boyfriend.

Ste didn’t deserve Doug or Amy. He proves this by going back, yet again, to the abuser who regularly beats, betrays and abandons him. Walker beats up Kevin, again. Cheryl acts like a selfish child and is still a cheerleader for Steden after finding a blood covered Ste crying in the street. Brendan literally has Ste’s blood on his hands and Cheryl urges Ste to return to him. Brendan rants like a nutter some more.

Best Lines:
“What about all the times that you beat me up? Over and over again?”

“It was only a little punch. Don’t be soft.”

“Take responsibility for your actions.”
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