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White Collar Season 2 Review, part 4

Power Play
The Liz-bot brings Peter a case. Brooke is an energy trader’s PA and wants to blow the whistle on him. Peter and Neal have to switch IDs in a rip off of ‘Bad Boys’. There is obnoxious product placement and Brooke cannot act. Peter annoys, Brooke annoys, there is foreshadowing, Richard Schiff guest stars, Sara is seemingly allergic to sleeves, Peter burgles, there is a double cross and Neal gets it on with Sara. Even the twist can’t save this ep.

Best Lines:
“No questions, no laughing, just do it.”

“I’ve made a lot of really bad life choices.”

“The US government is not conducting mind-control experiments.”
“Heh heh. That’s what they want you to think.”

Under The Radar
Adler is looking for a sunken U-boat full of treasure that both he and Alex have a personal connection to. Sara wears lingerie as clothes. Mozzie annoys. Adler puts Peter, Neal and Alex in a dry dock death trap.

There is a twist and Peter thinks the best predictor for future behaviour is past behaviour. There are unanswered questions: how did Adler get the U-boat out of the water? Why didn’t his goons just shoot Peter, Neal and Alex? Also who stole the treasure and how?

Peter ruins everything, there is a crappy CGI explosion, Adler exits, Peter pulls faces and throws accusations around. Neal stomps off and ends up in a storage room. This was okay but makes no real sense. Roll on season 3.

Best Lines:
“Are you going to loom there all day?”

“Shoot them. Then get a mop or something.”

“Adler is taking the whole arch-villain thing pretty seriously.”

“Another day, another Nazi sub.”
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