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Revenge 2x11 + Elementary 1x13 Reviewed

Victoria speaks in melodramatic fashion, the Ryan brothers want the bar populated by wharf rats for some reason, Jack is stupid, Declan annoys and Nolan blathers about something called Carrion. Padma bores, Marco will not go away, Emily throws a charity wine auction, Ashley blackmails and Jason (Dylan Walsh of ’Nip/Tuck’) shows up to sneer. Aiden annoys, Daniel acts like a petulant child, Amanda buys a gun, Helen is menaced and someone is evil. This bored and why am I supposed to care?

Best Lines:
“That’s what I get for opening my own door.”

“What was that about?”
“My guess? Extreme daddy issues.”

“Is there anything that isn’t beneath you?”

“A chance to what?”
“To get out of here before you bleed.”

“Get out. Forever.”

The Red Team
Holmes obsesses over Moriarty. Watson lurks. Gregson has suspended Holmes which Holmes being an egomaniac cannot understand. Holmes breaks into someone’s house and uncovers a conspiracy. Holmes acquires a tortoise and annoys, there is a hostage situation and Holmes whines his way into getting his work back. This was dull, but what was so disturbing about the plan Holmes uncovered?

Best Lines:
“This is Joan Watson. She keeps me from doing heroin.”

“Their plan to attack it was so good, they made it a national secret.”
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