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Book Review: The Queen is Dead + Mistral's Kiss

The Queen Is Dead by Kate Locke
The sequel to ‘God Save The Queen’ sees Xandra Varden struggle to cope with the knowledge that she is a goblin, deal with the jealously of Queen Victoria and root out a conspiracy. This is a very good steampunk tale and there are hints that there is much more going on than is apparent.

Best Lines:
“Out of the corner of my eye I saw what was left of him ooze across the store floor.”

“I’ll eat your liver while it’s still inside you.”

Mistral’s Kiss by Laurell K Hamilton
This 5th  entry in the apparently cancelled ‘Merry Gentry’ series was published in 2007. Merry is shagging 15+ men including Kitto the four foot tall goblin. So Merry the walking STD has to deal with the mad queen, have pages of sex with Mistral while people mutter about Deity magic and Sholto shows up to be petulant. This was dreck.

Best Line:
“Why cookies? Why not cake, or meat?”
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