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Daemons Are Forever by Simon R Green
The 2nd in ‘The Secret Histories’ series. Eddie Drood has to lead his family in a war against the Loathly Ones also known as the Many-Angled Ones or the Hungry Gods. The war isn’t going well and Eddie needs help. This was good and also has a crossover with Green’s ‘Deathstalker’ series. It is revealed that the Deathstalker clan are the distant descendents of the Droods.

Best Lines:
“Sneaking past his protections and very heavily armed guards has taken ten years off my life, and positively cured that slight but definite case of constipation I was suffering from.”

“Sooner or later, he will talk when he thinks it’s to his advantage. And sooner or later, someone will listen and believe. You know that.”

“Not exactly El Cid, is he?”

“A thing from the Pit walking arrogant and unleashed in the world of men, and poisoning it merely by his presence.”

“I hereby authorise you to open the Armageddon Codex. We have need of the forbidden weapons. Bring out Sunwrack, the Time Hammer, the Juggernaut Jumpsuit and Winter’s Sorrow.”

“We don’t like visitors. We really don’t.”

“Nothing happens here that we do not allow.”

Supernatural: Nevermore by Keith R.A. DeCandido
This was the 1st ‘Supernatural’ tie-in novel and was published in 2007. Set in the mid second season it deals with murders inspired by the works of Edgar Allan Poe but also spends a lot of time telling us how the Winchester’s pay for things, how Dean is stupid and has bad hearing and how it is difficult to find parking spots. If that is not enough we also get Sam moaning, a reference to ‘The Dresden Files’, Sam claims John signed forms for him to go to Stanford and a demented groupie ghost hangs around. This was bad with an annoying ending.

Best Lines:
“You read a poem?”
“They did it on The Simpsons once.”

“I didn’t realize that there were any good concept albums.”


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