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Elementary 1x12 + Revenge 1x10 + Lightfields 1x02 Reviewed

The spectacularly unpleasant and thankless Holmes meets his nemesis in the form of a serial killer known as M (Vinnie Jones of ‘The Cape’). Watson meanwhile flutters around talking to her therapist and worrying about Holmes.

This show’s equivalent of the Baker Street Irregulars show up, Holmes lies, there is back-story and Holmes faces off with the football hardman turned actor. There are twists and Holmes learns he has been wrong about several things. This was okay. Vinnie Jones was scary but Holmes is so unpleasant I don’t care about him.

Best Lines:
“Reflection is for mirrors.”

“M isn’t nearly as mad as he would like us to believe.”

“Thanks for the effort.”

“Me. Baton.”

Victoria asks Emily for help. A Judge and his put upon wife visit Victoria. Why would anyone want to visit Victoria at this point? The Judge is up for the Supreme Court and Emily finally returns to getting revenge. The Judge presided over David Clarke’s trial and his wife has something she wants to say.

The Ryan brothers lurk, Declan uncovers something, Jack is useless, Daniel smarms, Emily has yet another cunning plan, Nolan plots and Marco can’t act. His was okay but why are we supposed to care about the Initiative or the Ryan brothers or Aiden or Marco? The Initiative woman, Helen, annoys, Nolan rants about some coding, Aiden looks for his sister and where did Declan’s girlfriend go?

Best Line:
“But when it comes to that contemptible father of hers. Believe me, justice was well served.”

Bonnie Tyler’s face is scarier than this. In 2012, Pip’s great grandson Luke is being encouraged to play with matches by Lucy’s ghost, Pip denies all knowledge of Lucy and Paul wants custody of Luke. In 1975, Vivian’s husband John shows up, Cindy the local chav harasses Clare, Vivian stares into the middle distance a lot as she has a history of depression and may have had ECT.

In 1944, Lucy is buried. There are a lot of young men in the village for that time in WWII. Mrs Felwood invites Eve to stay with them. Despite her daughter dying, the poor woman is still surgically attached to her overalls and waiting on her husband and son hand and foot. Eve finds Dwight’s lighter in the ruins of the barn and plays at Miss Marple. Dwight slimes. Mrs Felwood asks how her husband knew that Lucy was in the barn when it was a hideous raging inferno. Which is a good question.

This was slow moving despite the odd scenes of hysteria. What did Vivian and Pip do in 1944? Who lit the fire? Why should I care? This was terrible, hell ‘Mayday’ was better than this.
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