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Quotes & a 1997 tape tale

‘Zero Hour’ has been cancelled. Did they even give it until the first commercial break?

‘The Following’ 1x08 promo
The cadre of nutters are crazy.

Best Line:
“You don’t find us. We find you.”

‘Parker’ trailer

‘Hollow’ (2013) trailer
A UK found footage horror movie in which a group of idiots (who have a pine tree air freshener) go into the woods and bad stuff happens. Mmmm.

There will be no reviews of ‘Mayday’ 1x03+1x04.

I am reading ‘The Queen is Dead’.

‘The Queen is Dead’ Quotes:
“If I start getting prank calls, I’ll rip your tongue out and eat it in front of you.”

“Not a lot of folks visiting mental hospitals after dark.”

“Because licking blood off a floor wasn’t as low as I could get.”

“And do what, beat them into submission with her shoe?”

‘Cuckoo’ (BBC3) 1x01 Quotes:
“I hope she hasn’t taken any drugs.”
“That’s a bit rich, you used to shovel them back.”

“Did you not get my Facebook message?”
“Don’t check Facebook Rach, I’m 45.”

“We’re gonna do summit like set up a leper colony in some violent, war torn, failed state.”

“You’re not holding my attention.”

“I’m not good at jobs.”

“You’re a genius.”
“I know, I know.”

Cleared out a tape from 1997. It began with a ‘Xena Warrior Princess’ ep ‘The Furies’ in which Ares gets some lap dancing Furies to curse Xena with madness. The Furies can’t act, Xena’s mad scenes are stupid and I didn’t care. I guess this show was big in the 90s because the alternative was watching stuff like ‘New York News’.

Then came the second ever ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ ep ‘The Harvest’ in which Giles makes a speech, Jesse (Eric Balfour of ‘Skyline’) dies and is never mentioned by his BFF Xander ever again, Angel looms in an unbuttoned shirt, Buffy sneaks out the gate of Sunnydale High which was never seen again after this and this bored. There were fights, darkness, bad acting, Cordelia was mean and who are the Old Ones that Giles mentioned?

Best Lines:
“We’re having a talk with vampires in it.”

“I exhibit no surprise.”

Then came a season 1 ‘Earth Final Conflict’ ep ‘Miracle’ in which a young girl is a subject of Taleon medical experiments and claims the Taleons are messengers of god. Boone discovers something disturbing and there is a twist ending. Still this bored. Then came a ‘Profiler’ ep ‘Jack be Nimble, Jack be Quick’ in which Jack is on the run after Samantha shot him. Despite the hunt for the crazy serial killer, there is still time for Samantha to investigate the weird events at her school reunion. Bailey’s daughter annoys and the blue tint for any scene with Jack is really annoying. In the final scene Jack heads to a palatial mansion owned by his mother (Louise Fletcher). This bored but the final scene was oddly funny.
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