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White Collar Season 2 Review, part 2

Company Man
There is a murder at a corporation and Peter goes undercover as an accountant. Peter annoys and Neal infiltrates the junior executives. Neal wears a hat, there is Skype product placement and Mozzie and Diana look for Fowler. The corporate CEO (Griffin Dunne) may be a bad bad man. There is bad acting, Peter pontificates, people are poisoned and Peter lies to Neal and his artfully tousled hair. This was not good.

Point Blank
Neal wears another silly hat. The secrets of the music box become clearer. Neal looks for Alex and plans to con the FBI to do so. Neal plots badly, gets a gun and plans to murder Fowler. For some reason Neal is not arrested for stealing the key to his ankle monitor, removing said ankle monitor and trying to shoot Fowler. Fowler whines, Neal evades a metal detector, Mozzie is shot by Julian and there is a revelation. This was not good.

Best Lines:
“Easy, Amadeus.”

“I’m lurking on a rooftop, spying into people’s windows.”

“You think I wanted to spend the last year of the my life chasing you and a stupid box?”

Burke’s Seven
Mozzie recovers very quickly from being shot, Julian (Paul Blackthorne of ‘The Dresden Files’ and ‘Arrow’) menaces Neal, Peter pontificates and the Liz-bot annoys. Peter arrests Julian which leads to him being put on leave. Peter flares his nostrils, Agent Roe (Kevin Kilner) of the DOJ returns as does Sara. Peter forms a crew to bring down Julian and find his boss, Peter borrows a police horse and the music box code is figured out. This was okay.

Best Lines:
"I'll send you the bill for my door."

"Who's they?"

Forging Bonds
The big bad of season 2 is Vincent Adler (Andrew McCarthy) apparently. Cue flashbacks to 8 years ago when Adler ran a ponzi scheme, Mozzie had a goatee and a bad toupee and Neal had bad hair. Neal and Mozzie planned to run a long con on Adler.

Peter has a moustache, Neal was known to the FBI as James Bonds and the Liz-bot had bad hair. Neal met Kate and Alex and Adler taught him his grandiloquence. Neal learned too late that Adler was scamming the lame people (including Neal and Kate) before he ran off with a billion dollars.

So in response Kate, Mozzie and Neal ran cons. Neal’s whole relationship with Kate makes no sense. This was mediocre as the festering relationship between Neal and Peter is ignored as everyone wonders what the fractal is.

Best Lines:
“He’d been running street cons since he was a kid.”
“Notice my lack of surprise.”

“You weren’t that good.”

“You know, the irony of that would not be lost on Alanis Morissette.”

“You have until the salad course arrives to tell me what you want. Go.”

“Something worth all this?”

What Happens In Burma
A man from the State Department (Cotter Smith) asks for Peter and Neal’s help. A US student has been accused of gem theft. Mozzie and Neal make synthetic rubies. A meanie bureaucrat (Reggie Lee of ‘Prison Break’) is mean and also a lowlife wearing an expression of incipient violence. Neal is asked to do something, Peter rants and takes to his bully pulpit and Neal talks about his father. This was bad.
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