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Lightfields (2013) 1x01 Reviewed

This sequel to ‘Marchlands’ under whelmed. It has nice opening credits though. In 1944 the Felwood farm family encounter Eve, an evacuee and her little sister Vivian. In 1975 Vivian and her daughter come to the abandoned farm so she can write and in 2012 the farm is now a B&B and something lurks there.

In 1944, Lucy Felwood and Eve became friends and then fell out over a greasy lurking American named Dwight (it’s Marcus from ‘Blade: The Series’). Everything will soon change and it won’t change back. The hay barn burns down killing the nasty Lucy. In 1975 doors creak and the Felwood’s former idiot farm hand/Home Guard member Tom lurks. In 2012, Lucy’s little brother Pip is now a great-grandfather dealing with a pillock in-law. This was boring. I don’t care about anything that is going on.

Best Line:
“Have him. Let him ruin you.”
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