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Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 8 Issue# 21: Harmonic Divergence

Harmony, of all people, causes a massive change in the buffyverse. Harmony who somehow escaped LA gets a reality show on MTV. Buffy and co do nothing about it. Meanwhile a new slayer is unimpressed with Andrew's dire recruiting skills and Buffy's lacklustre unity pitch. This newly minted slayer goes after Harmony only to be fed on. So Harmony and vampires are cool now and slayers are regarded as the villains. Buffy expresses shock at this, despite the fact that Twilight informed her the slayer army was at war with humanity a dozen issues ago. Twit.

So Buffy is lazy and does nothing about Harmony's reality show, is lacklustre about new slayers and still has not gone on the offensive against Twilight. And the world has changed. Vampires are in and slayers are most definitely out. This was an okay issue but Buffy is really made to look like a lazy twit. Also how did Harmony escape from LA? Why is Andrew being trusted to recruit slayers?
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