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Reviews of ‘Malice’, ‘21st Century Dead’, ‘Games’, ‘Rise of the Federation: A Choice of Futures’, ‘Bridge of Dreams’, ‘White Forest’, ‘Venom’, ‘Stung’, ’Deathstalker Prelude’, 'Superheroes', 'The Tall Man' and ‘Knock Knock’ forthcoming.

There will be no reviews of ‘Devil’s Bargain’, ‘Unremembered’ or ‘Eldritch Evolutions’

‘Oblivion’ trailer
Uh, no.

On ‘Hollyoaks’, Brendan has been charged with ABH after Walker pounded on Kevin. Ste stands by his man. Leanne and Cheryl need to go away. Ste yells at people and makes excuses. Ste wails to Doug about his dying relationship with the large ham Brendan. Walker terrorises Kevin some more. Maxine is marked for death. Brendan runs off, again. Ste is pathetic some more. Kevin is obviously scared of Walker, so why does he keep working for him? Ruby is shunned at college. Has everyone doing the shunning forgotten that they partook in the bullying. Phoebe tells Ruby where to go. Sinead is teen trash. Will and his horrific nerd attire plays Dodger and Texas some more. Kevin seems to murder Maxine.

Best Lines:
“Maybe we should get back to looking for Brendan, eh? Probably in the park sniffing bottoms.”

“What if he comes after me?”
“I’m counting on it.”

“Who or what is that?”

“I don’t enjoy hurting you Kevin.”

“She’s a knocked up teenage skank with no prospects.”
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