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‘Burn Notice’ was nothing but an explosion of orange which is why I gave up on it after season 1.

Reviews of ‘Lightfields’ and ‘Mayday’ coming soon.

I am reading ‘Dead Things’
‘Mayday’ trailer
This new BBC1 show looks good.

‘Wreckers’ trailer
This Benedict Cumberbatch movie looks interesting.

‘Side Effects’ promo

‘Law and Order: SVU’ 14x16 promo
Two celebrities, abuse and does this remind you of anything? I’ll catch it.

‘The Following’ 1x07 promo
Why is everyone pandering to the serial killer?

Best Line:
“Tell us what you did.”

‘Stoker’ promo
The guy from ‘Prison Break’ wrote this?

‘Black Mirror’ 2x03 ‘The Waldo Moment’ was a bit crap. It was unsubtle and not even Jason Flemyng and an ominous ending could save it. It did have some nice one liners though. So where is series 3?

Best Lines:
“So tweeting dick photos is correspondence now is it?”

“Your main achievement seems to have been playing the part of a corn on the cob in a high interest personal loan commercial.”

“What are you for?”

“500 quid to anyone who can lob a shoe.”

‘Bones’ Quote:
“Do not fall into the evidence Dr Hodgins, it will only add to your humiliation.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’, Ste thinks of asking Brendan to marry him overlooking the fact that he is married to Doug. John Paul and Doug reconnect after their awful first date. Darren decides to bully the Kane’s out of their home aided by Ruby. Neither of them see a problem with this. Darren smashes up the Kane house and costs his family their pub. Frankie is more upset about this than Esther.

Ste and Brendan’s toxic relationship drags on despite Ste not really trusting Brendan. Kevin plays Brendan. Ste obsesses over Brendan, the man who used to have boards nailed over his closet. Brendan manhandles Kevin. Walker uses this as  an excuse to beat the not very bright Kevin like a harp seal and send him off to the police to make an accusation against Brendan. Ste sees Brendan arrested, again.

Best Lines:
“You are beyond stupid!”

“The first dead cert of the day: you stuffing things up.”
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