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Book Reviews: Hysteria + The Expats

Hysteria by Megan Miranda
Like ’The Farm’, this started well but descended into dreck. Mallory is packed off to boarding school after killing her boyfriend. Mallory is cracking up and recalling how her boyfriend was a violent creep. I quickly got sick of Mallory and her drama. She’s always freaking out and running off. This was a stupid, annoying disappointment.

The Expats by Chris Pavone
Kate Moore moves with her husband and children to Luxembourg. Her husband has a new job and Kate has decided to leave her old life behind and reinvent herself as an expat mom.

However Kate finds her new life difficult and boring and grows suspicious of her husband and their new friends. Kate wonders if there is a connection to her past as a CIA agent. This is a boring, badly written mess.

Best Lines:
“It’s very easy to get very nervous when you’re far from home and someone in uniform is in possession of your passport, on the other side of bulletproof glass.”

“Julia’s French accent has improved markedly, now she’s no longer pretending to have a bad one.”

“Amsterdam was a romantic place, I guess. What with all the drugs and prostitutes around.”
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