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White Collar Season 2 review, part 1

Neal Caffrey saw Kate blown up and has been thrown back in jail. Charming. Peter is a burk. Diana’s back. Edward Walker (Tim Matheson of ‘Buried Alive’) is a Thomas Crown style git who robs banks. There is bad green screen, a twist, a short appearance by Kevin Kilner, music box hijinks and this was okay.
Best Lines:
“I always felt like I was in a Fitzgerald novel.”

“Enjoy this game you’re playing. It won’t end well for you.”

“You’ll get caught.”
“Again, he would know.”

Need To Know
Gary, a state Senator is suspected of corruption. There is overly stylised direction as Neal gets a job as Gary’s fixer. Neal reveals some back-story but not too much. Peter keeps secrets from Neal and Neal knows. Diana and Neal bond. This was dull.

Best Line:
“You’ll sit there and you’ll like it.”

Copycat Caffrey
An art heist takes place that copycats one of Neal‘s crimes. Alex returns to sulk. The crime is traced back to a criminology class taught by a git (Aidan Quinn). Peter does his usual high horse moral guardian ranting. The music box has secrets. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Where’d you get these?”
“They fell off a truck.”

By The Book
Mozzie fancies a waitress named Gina (Diane Farr of ‘Numb3rs’). Then she is kidnapped and Mozzie ropes Peter and Neal into helping him save her from a gangster. This was dull.

Unfinished Business
It’s another day in the banter division of the FBI. Sara Ellis (Hilarie Burton of ‘One Tree Hill’ and ‘Solstice’) is an insurance agent who shows up to annoy. Mozzie and Neal investigate the jet explosion some more. Neal goes undercover with too much gel in his hair, Sara annoys and is thankless. Elizabeth features in more bad green screen. There is a package and a twist. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“I’m walking into a house with a loaded gun. Please stop me.”

“You smile for a living.”

“I hate eating food out of foil.”

In The Red
Neal goes undercover again. Why does no-one ever recognise him? There is a case involving stolen jewels, a sleazy lawyer (John Larroquette of ‘Madhouse’) and a crime family poker game. Sara shows up to annoy again and demands Neal take a polygraph. Peter annoys. Neal plays poker. Sara has no concept of work appropriate attire. This was okay.

Prisoner’s Dilemma
Elizabeth and Peter have boring domesticity. Did Peter buy the Liz-bot from Stepford or something? US Marshals show up as an FBI agent is on the run. Joe Morton shows up as Peter’s boss’ boss. There is bad acting and a double bad guy takedown and it was dull.

Best Lines:
“I need to actually hotwire a Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster.”

“Is this a CI-off?”

“You can never trust anyone who spells his name with dollar signs on his licence plates.”
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