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Book Reviews: Broken Mirrors + The Farm

Broken Mirrors by T.A. Pratt
The 5th ‘Marla Mason’ novel. After the cliffhanger ending of book 4 ‘Spell Games’ - Marla comes up with a plan to be reunited with her dead friend Bradley. She has a Bradley abducted from another universe which results in the insane Marla Mason from that universe invading and wrecking havoc.

Now Marla has to clean up the mess she has caused in two universes, fight ancient gods, face down her dark doppelganger and fail to take responsibility for her actions. This is a good novel, Marla is her usual violent, selfish, wicked witch with no concept of self actualization. I defiantly want to read the prequel novel ‘Bone Shop’.

Best Lines:
“I will grant your wish. You deserve it.”

“But remember Marla Mason: when you open a doorway, it opens both ways.”

“It’s a local rustic we can question.”

“Sirens howling like the inmates of the Mason’s Wyoming Test Facility.”

“This is the neigborhood where we put the mass grave in our world.”

“She’d allowed herself to be dominated by a haunted bit of Renaissance Faire Costuming?”

The Farm by Emily McKay
In a post-apocalyptic America, twin sisters Lily and Mel are trapped in a death camp. Lily plans to escape the camp, evade the vampire horde that has devastated the land and escape to Canada. Her plan is derailed when her old school crush bad boy Carter shows up. This started out well, but the back cover gives away a massive spoiler, events get ludicrous and the ending is ridiculous beyond words. The more you think about the plot and the world building, the less sense it all makes. This was stupid.
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