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Book Reviews: Never The Bride + Something Borrowed

Never the Bride by Paul Magrs

In this delightfully gothic comedy, Brenda the Bride of Frankenstein has settled down in the seaside town of Whitby and has opened a Bed & Breakfast.

Brenda just wants to live in peace and anonymity and have fish and chips with her best friend Effie. But destiny has other plans for Brenda as she finds herself facing off with the operator of an evil beauty salon, aiding the descendants of the Martians from 'War of the Worlds', dealing with a tv psychic and investigating what the scary owner of the Christmas hotel puts in her meat pies.

She and Effie soon find that dealing with Dracula, a gateway to hell and dire prophecies are just another every day occurrences for them.

This is a darkly comic gem and it is touching as well with Brenda's loneliness and small town life in Whitby wonderfully evoked.

Best Line: "This is a evil town...There's something wicked here. A brooding presence behind the scenes, watching over us and laughing at us all."

Something Borrowed by Paul Magrs

The sequel to 'Never the Bride'.

Brenda and Effie's days spent gossiping and playing bingo are disrupted when poison pen letters are delivered to various Whitby residents. The two women decide to investigate and promptly get embroiled in more of the bizarre goings on in Whitby. There's a zombie and wicker furniture possessed by an alien from another dimension. And Brenda is reunited with an old love who hasn't aged a day since 1946.

This is another delightfully funny gothic comedy. Brenda the Bride of Frankenstein and Effie the descendant of a long line of witches have their work cut out for them this time. There are hilarious references to 'The Wicker Man', 'She' and Christopher Lee's various 'Fu Manchu' movies. This series is delightfully demented and there is another sequel 'Conjugal Rites' which I intend to read as soon as possible.

Best Line: "I am raining on their - well, not their parade exactly. I am raining on their pagan rites to an alien bamboo god."
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