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Continuum Season 1 review, part 3

The Politics of Time
In the future, Kiera’s friends and husband were goobs. In the here and now Kellog drives an OTT car and a ‘friend’ of Carlos’ is murdered. She’s a reporter and connected to another friend of Carlos’, a union boss wannbe named Jim (Tahmoh Penikett of ‘Battlestar Galactica’ and ‘Dollhouse’).

Carlos is an idiot, there are union politics and things get a bit ‘No Way Out’. Meanwhile Julian sulks, Kiera realises Kellog stole a piece of the time machine that looks like a Terry’s Chocolate Orange. The crime is solved via techno babble and Carlos is attacked in his shower and has to fight off his attacker while naked. This was okay.

In the future, SadTech has indentured servitude and mind control. Now mind controlled people are killing people in the here and now. It all leads back to a game company that is big into immersive VR games. I’m getting ‘VR5’ flashbacks. Kiera’s implants get messed up as Liber8 and Alex fight over who controls her brain. Alec doesn’t seem to go to school. Kellog annoys. Liber8 plot more mayhem and the VPD take mind controlling computer code in their stride. This was okay and I swear the soundtrack from for this ep borrowed liberally from ‘Lexx’. There are some revelations in this ep that what is going on is just one small piece of a much larger puzzle.

Best Lines:
“It’s worse than crack and it’s legal.”

“So now he’s dead you can just pick over his corpse at cut-rate prices.”

Family Time
In 2077, Kiera killed Kellog’s sister and he wasn’t in Liber8 at the time. In the here and now Julian and his boy band reject mates have been listening to way too much of Liber8’s online rants. So there is a fertiliser bomb in Roland’s garage, the police get interested and a hostage situation develops.

Julian is a sulky moron, his friends have IQs in the single digits, Carlos gets shot and there is ranting about Day One and Theseus. The police get the wrong idea about who the hostage taker is, Kiera’s suit has finally been repaired and Julian escalates the situation. The origin of Liber8 is made clear and someone dies. This was good.

Best Lines:
“Theseus Day. He was a warrior who unified the people of Athens.”
“He was also pushed off a cliff when people turned against him.”

“He’s been living on his wife’s property holding anti-corporation rallies since then.”

“Tomorrow’s not promised.”

“Everything I am, everything I become will be the result of events unfolding on that farm.”

End Time
It’s suddenly some time later as Carlos has recovered from his gunshot wound and Kiera has been shagging Kellog. Oh gross. Kiera meets another time traveller, a CSIS agent (Nicholas Lea) shows up to annoy and Julian is roped into a Liber8 plan to blow up another building. Alec lies and it becomes clear that time can’t be changed.

Travis rebels against Kagame, it goes badly for him. Sonya makes a choice. Someone dies, a statue becomes a memorial and Liber8 strike a terrible blow. But why? The annoying agent sees something and it all ties back to 1x01 and the obviously evil elderly Alec Sadler (William B. Davis). This was good: death, destruction and revelations all round. I look forward to season 2.

What is going on? How many other time travellers are in 2012? What is old Alec’s plan? What is going on in 2077? What is Kiera’s role to play?

Best Lines:
“Nobody tells me anything.”

“Now what?”
“We wait for the inevitable fallout. Then our chance to really change things will present itself.”

“Do not do this.”
“Have you forgotten your history lessons? It’s already done."
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