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Black Mirror 2x02 + Revenge 2x08 Reviewed

White Bear
A woman (Lenora Crichlow of ‘Being Human’) wakes up in a house and does not know who or where she is. She walks out of the house and meets Jem (Tuppence Middleton of ’Tormented’) and learns everything seems to have gone a bit ‘Cell’ meets ‘28 Days Later’. A weird symbol on the TV has affected people. Some just stand around filming things on their phones while others attack.

She and Jem want to get to a safe zone. But they run across a nutter with a gun and a forest clearing of creepiness. Then there is a massive twist and everything you thought you knew is changed. This is a good depressing story with a bleak ending.

Best Line:
“What’s wrong with those people?”

Flashbacks to 2006 show off Daniel’s bad hair, reveal Aidan was always a thankless stupid burk and Victoria’s vile gold digging mother Marion (Adrienne Barbeau) showed up for dinner. Emily saved Ashley from life as a ho, Aidan was connected to Flight 197, a thug had a protection racket on the docks, Nolan’s former CFO Marco annoyed and Victoria avenged herself on her abusive mother.

This was awful. I don’t care about Aiden or the protection racket now inherited by the thug’s son Kenny. What happened to the SEC investigation into Grayson Global?

Best Lines:
“I understand Conrad was married when you met him.”

“Was it worth it?”
“The 30 years I spent with him? Of course.”
“No, I mean what you had to do to keep him.”

“Don’t ever ever speak for me again.”

“Vicky is my greatest blessing.”
“Well that’s not what you said the day you threw me out of the house.”

“You drove a wedge between me and every man I ever loved!”

“Where are you going?”
“As far away from you as I can get.”

“I have nowhere to go.”
“Well we do have a good number of rooms here. Pity as you say, none of them are for you.”
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