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Book Reviews: Seduced by Moonlight + The Innocent Mage

Seduced by Moonlight by Laurell K Hamilton
The 3rd in the ‘Merry Gentry’ series after ‘A Kiss of Shadows’ and ‘A Caress of Twilight’ was published in 2005. Merry’s obsession with her men’s hair, skin, eyes and clothes goes on. There are exposition dumps, lots of shagging, stupid names and way too much talking. This reeked.

The Innocent Mage by Karen Miller
‘Kingmaker, Kingbreaker 1’ is an overlong tale of an uncouth yokel who befriends a Prince and magic stuff happens. Everyone is a jackass and it’s all tiresome and tired. The magical Dorarens rule the conquered Olken in the magically sealed off land of Lur. The revered long dead magician Barl sealed Lur off long ago to protect her people from the evil Morg. But some are curious about what lies beyond Lur which leads to Morg returning, a woman being a slave to prophecy, a spoilt princess being annoying and nothing of note happening.

Best Lines:
“Our history, Gar, as you damn well know is blood and terror and exile!”

“We came to this land in desperation and in desperation we conquered it.”
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