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Arrow 1x14 Reviewed

The Odyssey
Why no Remy Zero theme tune for this show? Moira does not recognise Oliver in his Hood getup and plays helpless and then shoots him. Oliver has to go to Felicity for help. Thus this week we get flashbacks, back-story and a dream sequence within the flashbacks that showed how Oliver manned up on the mysterious island. Oliver and Slade Wilson bond. Oliver makes bad choices and tries to phone home. There were unexpected turns of events.

For some reason Oliver walks off being shot and does not lose the use of his arm. Felicity does not join the gang due to issues over Oliver cracking off heads. Oliver is a bit dumb, he must have lost brain cells. Quentin Lance is once again the only cop in Starling City. This was okay. Who was supplying the island? What is the deal with Yao Fei? Who does the annoying Fyers work for? What is the deal with the tattoos?

Best Lines:
“How did you survive here for six months?”

“Threaten him with my stick?”

“What would the worst place on Earth be without wolves?”

“That freak show was your partner?”

“There goes our ride.”

“I’m impressed you didn’t puke.”
“I swallowed it.”

“I’m handling it.”
“Handle it better.”
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