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Once Upon A Time 1x22 + Babylon 5 The Lost Tales Reviewed

A Land Without Magic
Flashbacks show how the Prince escaped the Evil Queen with the help of her sex slave the Huntsman (who still cannot act). The Prince meets Rumpy and fights a dragon/wicked witch. Then he jumps into a lake and does a Mr Darcy. Rumpy was playing a very long game. Snow and Charming plan to take back the kingdom.

In Storybrooke, David and Mary Margaret bore, Mr Gold leers like Jimmy Savile over Belle, Jefferson sneers, Regina just won’t stop pulling crap, August turns into wood and Emma finally gets with the programme. Kisses of true love are exchanged. Nobody kills Regina, the curse is broken and something else takes its place. This was okay. Where did Mary Margaret get the fairy tale book? How did Jefferson know about Belle? What is the point of Dr Whale?

Best Lines:
“If I were you your majesty, I’d find a place to hide.”

“What is that?”
“Something bad.”

“Magic is coming.”

Babylon 5: The Lost Tales (2007)
This direct to DVD tale was supposed to kick-start a new ‘Babylon 5’ franchise but was stillborn for various reasons. The CGI looks fake, Earth turns out to be hell, the station is under-populated and murky looking, there is really fake green screen and Sheridan is smug. The technomage Galen (Peter Woodward) shows up to overact and seems to base his entire OTT performance on Merlin in ‘Excalibur’. There is pontificating and dire predictions and moral dilemmas and an orange Centauri prince. Sheridan utters bad dialogue, is a jerk and Galen over emotes in a swivel chair. This was just bad.
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