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Thoughts of the Day

Cat = a small fur coated, heat seeking digestive tract that sleeps 16 hours a day. :)

‘Lightfields’ trailer
The sequel to ITV’s 2011 hit ‘Marshlands’ airs soon. It is another five part ghost story. This one centres on the fallout from a barn fire and takes place in 1944, 1975 and 2012. This looks good.

‘The Innocent Mage’ Quotes:
“For Doranen ears were magic ears, and they weren’t the sort of folk who took kindly to criticism.”

“To talk about things nowt to do with colic and fetlocks and worming elixirs.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’, everyone has forgotten how Riley was branded a double murderer by Mercedes and Dr Paul. Where are Barney, Tilly, Jen and Esther? Brendan tries to intimidate Ste into forgiving him and when that fails. Brendan heads off to Ireland in yet another example of blatant manipulation. Ste/Brendan is a classic example of a demeaning, destructive, boring, exasperating, unhealthy, squalid relationship full of complacency and limited analytical means. Ste is odious and Brendan is interminable. And no one cares anymore. Mitzeee leaves with Carl and Bobby. No-one cares.

Saw the 2010 tv movie ‘Deadly Honeymoon’ with Summer Glau who played a murderous newlywed. It sucked.

Reviews of ‘Eldritch Evolutions’, ’Once Upon A Time’ season 2 and ‘Person of Interest’ season 1 forthcoming.

I am reading ‘The Farm’.
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