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Continuum Season 1 Review, part 2

Matter of Time

Kiera has more flashbacks to the future and her goob husband. Meanwhile in the present the VPD still call Liber8 a gang. Kellog has a broker and has got rich. Liber8’s leader Edouard Kagame (Tony Amendola) shows up. Kiera and Carlos investigate a mysterious murder.

Kellog helps his grandmother, the murder has to do with anti-matter experiments, Liber8 beat people up in slow-motion and Kagame has his own flashbacks. Kagame beats up Kiera and makes threats. This was dull but the twist ending is okay.

Best Lines:
“Whatever went through him went through the damn floor.”

“The worst I ever did to Martin was wish him dead. That’s not a crime is it?”
“Not yet.”

“You’re under arrest.”
“For what?”
“For what you’re going to do.”

“There’s a war coming.”
“How can you be so sure?”
“Because we’re doing to start it.”

A Test of Time

We get more information about the future. Water was precious, Kiera’s husband Greg was a tool, money was called life credits, pregnancy tests were lickabale and told you the gender plus there was a city safe zone. The return of their cut price Edward James Olmos leader has Liber8 in strife. Liber8 decide to kill Kiera’s grandmother. How did Liber8 know the name of Kiera’s grandmother? Well it seems Liber8 had a lot of help to escape the prison.

Kiera meets her grandmother, a loud annoying Miley Cyrus type and she’s a teen mom. Alec and his stepbrother Julian have words, Alec is a tool. Liber8 and Kiera have standoffs as various grandmothers and mothers are held hostage. But then there is a twist. This was okaish but I’m tired of the empathy free cold schemers Liber8 and their glamorisation, rationalisation, sophistry and pernicious minority martyrdom.

Best Lines:
“So that makes me what? The guinea pig?”
“Squeak, squeak.”

Time’s Up

More future flashbacks show Kiera did question the food hording fascist government propaganda. In the present Julian is up to something. Kiera sees a horse, it seems they are extinct in 2077.

Liber8 are capable of erupting into violence at scant provocation. Liber8 have recruited boy band rejects with greasy hair to do their dirty work and Julian is one of them. A CEO is abducted. A hood rat is menaced. Liber8 get dark, manipulative and exploitive as they posture.

Julian’s rage is partially explained, Kellog breaks into Kiera’s hotel room and Liber8 get a public following. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Liber8 calls themselves revolutionaries, but all I see are vandals with no respect for private property.”

“They purged the history files from my school’s data net in 2058.”

“We forgot our history and they repeated it.”

“Wow! There is an incredible amount of information on the web about bomb-making. Most of it poorly written.”
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