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Last Resort 1x13 + Revenge 2x06 Reviewed

Controlled Flight Into Terrain

The final ever episode. Kendal is locked up and berated by Chaplin. Chinese warships head to the island as Chaplin’s bluff has been called. The COB leads a mutiny and relives Chaplin of command. The handcuffed Kendal sneers.

Sophie annoys, Serrat conspires, some of the COB’s men stage their own rival mutiny, the COB is stabbed with a screwdriver and Tani and King get loved up again. An air strike heads for the USS Colorado.

Chaplin, Kendal, Grace and the COB have to foil the mutiny. Nobody shoots Serrat and Admiral Shepard may be dead. People die, Kendal finds purpose if not his sanity and someone is rescued. There is a homecoming and this was excellent. I’ll miss this show but it was good while it lasted.

But there are unanswered questions: how did Kylie get the gun past security? Did the man she shot at the end die? What about the fascist takeover? What became of Kylie? What’ll become of the island and the rare earths? What about geopolitics? Are their names cleared?

Best Lines:
“Marcus-stan. Population: 1.”

“Don’t say a word.”

“Are you out of your glue sniffing mind?”

“If he goes away, they go away.”

“Welcome to your mutiny Sir.”

“The XO kinda got away.”

“Your girl was shacking with your sister, true story.”

“Make them all pay.”

“She’s one of us.”

“Home? Oh yeah the people that left us starving and dying on that island COB? Called all of us traitors?”

“Enough to make every one of us richer than Jay-Z.”

“Sure all his men died, but he was a great man.”

“There is nothing else for you, is there? Is that why you are so damn loyal to a country that hates you?”

“I find the ones that made this happen and balance the scales.”
“That’s pretty dark XO. Remind me to recommend you for a psych eval.”
“Psych eval? Me?”

“You’re going to kill us all. Very scary stuff.”


Aiden lurks. Daniel plots. Emily schemes. Kara is obviously mental. Victoria and Conrad are to remarry. Where do the Grayson’s get their OTT invitations from? Kara remembers how she and Gordon were loved up, icky.

Kenny (it’s the jackass werewolf hunter from ‘Teen Wolf’!) causes Jack and Declan to alienate their liquor supply guy. Jack’s dim. Dude, did you never see ‘Unlawful Entry’, ‘The Hand that Rocks the Cradle’ or ‘Single White Female’?

Mason lurks and makes discoveries. People express themselves melodramatically. Charlotte can’t act. Daniel wants to take over Nolcorp. Kenny plays Declan against Jack - will the Porter’s stop being stupid?

Victoria’s wedding dress is an OTT grey lace mermaid confection. Daniel regrets his pride and ditching of Emily. Conrad is arrested. Mason sneers. Conrad hints at some back-story about who the true scapegoat for the downing of the plane was to be. Where did Delcan’s girlfriend go? Jack proposes. Kara has inarticulate rage. This was good.

Best Lines:
“They’ll get what’s coming to them.”

“Learn to take a joke Conrad.”

“What about your parent’s wedding?”
“I’ll catch the next one.”

“Lifestyles of the rich and shameless.”

“Ems. Mr Bond.”

“What has he done?”

“They said it would take an act of Congress to get you out on bail tonight.”

“I didn’t realise your son had stooped to dating the help.”

“Nothing but a juvie girl who cleaned up nicely.”
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