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Movie Reviews: Dr Strange + Les Miserables

Dr Strange (1978)

This failed TV pilot was awful. It has a text info dump intro, bad music, John Mills staring and a rubber demon telling Morgan Le Fay to defeat her enemy in just three days. People walk around in vile 70s attire. Villains pose and there are completely unlikable people doing demonology.

Best Lines:
“You shall not pass me Morgan.”

“I have cast you out before.”

“Now it begins.”

“I’m several hundred years too old to be alright.”

Les Miserables (2012)

This was an overlong mess full of people who can’t sing, melodrama, over acting and Eddie Redmayne in a sewer. It has a few good songs: the dramatic opening of the prisoners singing ‘Look Down’ as they pull a ship into dry dock, Fantine’s despair as she is enticed to join the ‘Lovely Ladies’, the hilarious ‘Master of the House’ and doomed mini-revolution kicking off to the tune of ‘Do You Hear The People Sing?’.

But the gormless love story, the irritating doomed urchin and the endless Javert looming while making determined faces was too much. This is too long, too camp and ¾ of the cast cannot sing.
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