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‘Do No Harm’ 1x02 promo
This rip-off of ‘Jekyll’ may not be that bad. Don’t the neurosurgeon’s colleagues notice that he has DID?

Best Lines:
“You got lot of cash. If you’re not going to spend it, I will.”

“I loved you first.”

Hitchcock’ trailer
Blatant Oscar bait about an ‘auteur’ and his shrew wife.

‘Byzantium’ trailer
This Neil Jordan vampire movie looks dire.

Best Lines:
“Do we steal time?”
“We buy it. With blood.”

‘The Following’ 1x04 promo
Unstable freaks do stuff.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Quotes:
“Wanna have sex?”

Reviews of ‘The Town’, ’The Innocent Mage’ and ’Thinner’ forthcoming.

I am reading ‘Articles of the Federation’.

In ‘Hollyoaks’, I wonder if it has ever or will it ever occur to Frankie that she is the problem here? Leah’s real dad is nowhere to be seen. Jack kicks Ruby out of the house and Frankie objects. Frankie finally admits she didn’t listen to Esther but it is obvious that Ruby is her favourite. Even now. Mitzeee is on a boring downward spiral and she‘s knocked up. Texas continues to fall for Will via the Florence Nightingale effect.

Maxine and Mitzeee parade around in prostitute shoes, too short skirts and Jackie O sunglasses in February. Sinead does not care about Ruby. Who glares wins. Ruby tries to tell Diane that her daughter Sinead is satan in heels. Jack runs over Ruby, accidentally. Maybe.

Ruby is a big drama queen and is fine despite her close encounter with Jack’s front bumper. Sinead takes no responsibility. Diane discovers her daughter is a bully, smashes her laptop and gives her a gentle slap. But Diane wants to preserve her job as school counsellor and orders Sinead to delete all evidence of her cyber bullying of Esther. Diane overlooks how she partook in bullying of Esther during an anti bullying lecture.

Ruby makes an apology to Esther, it sounds fake. Jack lays down the law. Frankie is still vile, has Ruby taken back into the house and Frankie wants to tuck her in. Darren wants Ruby gone. Nancy is neutral and Tom makes a speech. Jack makes it clear to Ruby that she is back on sufferance. Frankie is ever useless. Diane orders Sinead to make Ruby the bullying scapegoat.

Best Lines:

“Where am I supposed to go?”
“Ruby I don’t care where you go because as of today, you are no longer part of this family.”

“What was he supposed to do? Buy her a pony or something?”

“Princess posh head.”

“I’m sure a cheating cow who hangs around with serial killer obsessers wouldn’t want to start a rumour war will she?”

“We are the reason Esther tried to kill herself.”

“It’s not our fault she can’t take a joke.”

“Get out.”
“Are you kidding me?”

“That family is in a mess isn’t it? Well we owe it to them to root out everyone who’s responsible.”

“What’s Ruby got to lose, eh?”

“This was all Ruby.”

“You’re not exactly blaming yourself are you?”
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